DATE: 5., 6. a 7. JULY 2019
PLACE: Praha 1, Střelecký ostrov
GPS: 50.082438, 14.409967
ORGANIZER CONTACT: VSM Production,s.r.o.


The Euro Tour prize money 4500 € are equal for man and woman:

4500 man woman
1 1000 1000
2 600 600
3 300 300
4 200 200
5 150 150


Evropa 2 Prague Paddle MAXX Race (6th July 2019), flat water 6-8 km

Pro-AM (born 2000 and older) 19+ years, board max. 14’, overall
Pro-AM (born 2000 and older) 19+ years, board max. 14’, inflatable
Pro-AM (born 1974 and older) 45+ years, board max. 14’, overall
Pro-AM (born 1974 and older) 45+ years, board max. 14’ inflatable
U 18 (born 2001 and younger) till 18 years, board max. 12’6’’, overall


Junior and Kid race (6th July 2019), short race around buoy

U 16 (2003 and younger) till 16 years, board max. 12’6’’, overall 
Kids (2006 and younger) till 13 years, we will provide the boards, needed essentials how to swim

Euro Tour Race (7th July 2019), flat water 10-12 km

Elite - open category, board max. 14’

-3 racers is the minimum for opening the category. Otherwise the categories will be merged into the age category.
-Ceremony after the race.


  Before 7thApril 2019 Before 31stMay 2019 After 1stJune 2019
ELITE 14’ 60 EUR 70 EUR 80 EUR
Pro-AM 30 EUR 35 EUR 40 EUR
U 18 25 EUR 25 EUR 25 EUR
U 16 18 EUR 18 EUR 18 EUR
Kid 10 EUR 10 EUR 10 EUR


Online Registration: closing 2nd July 20:00
On-site Registration: from 5th to 7th July, Střelecký ostrov
Check-in and picking up race jersey: from 5th to 7th July, Střelecký ostrov


All races are on the flat water and situated around the island in the Vltava river.
Laps: Elite = 5 laps // Pro-AM, U18 = 3 laps // U16= 1250m, Kids = 750m, details at the race meeting.
Final track shape and number of laps could be changed due to weather conditions. Will be specified at the race meeting.
Basic rules:
1) drafting allowed in gender, not allowed drafting the boat
2) max 5 strokes on knees
3) separate start lines woman and man
Claims or complaints after the race and the Race director:
Raise the complaint is possible up to 15 min after the race (means after the last competitor) to the Race director. Complaint cost 50 EUR could be returned in case of acceptation of a complaint.


Císařská louka: camper van/ cabin/ tents next to the Vltava river - possible to paddle to the race base camp or use shuttle bus (schedule will be announced later)
/2,3 km, 25 min/
Dormitory Strahov: possible to take funicular railway from Petřín tower or bus
/3 km, 25 min/
Youth hostel U svaté Ludmily: city center with nice view on the roof, tram
/3 km, 20 min/ 
Novoměstský hotel***: city center, tram
/1,8 km, 17 min/


If you want to drop off your board with your car, you can stop at the bus parking on the left bank of the river - street Vítězná, next to the Bridge of Legií. The organizer's crew will help you with the board. Please, let us know what time you plan to arrive in our online registration form.
Guarded tent for your board on-site on the Střelecký island for your use from 5th July to 7th July 20:00 


On the island is NO-cash zone. You can pay only with bank card. (Registration fee is in cash)
Basic refreshments for the racers in the racer’s “village”
Possibility to buy food and drinks on the island, vegetarian & vegan friendly


35 min from the Airport “Letiště Václava Havla”
15 min from the bus station: “Praha Florenc”, “Praha Anděl”
10 min from the train station: “Praha Hlavní Nádraží”
3 min from the tram station: Újezd, Národní divadlo
If you go by your car or van - there will by drop-of place near the bridge. You can stay with your van in the caravan site with shuttle bus on site.
Because the race is situated on the island you have to park your car in the car park nearby.


During the weekend there will be plenty activities on the island and on the water for everybody including families with kids.

5th July 2019 - Friday

14:00-20:00 On-site Registration and Check-in, picking up race jerseys, Board storage
14:00-21:00 AQUAMARINA DEMO TOUR – free paddleboard testing for everybody
20:30-21:30 Sunset ride around the island - voluntary happening for everybody 

6th July - Saturday

9:00-19:00 Demo tour and testing boards and paddles of various brands, AQUAMARINA DEMO TOUR – free paddleboard testing
On-site Registration and Check-in, picking up race jerseys, Board storage
9:00-13:00 SUP fitness, yoga and meditation
10:00-13:00 ČFSUP clinic, paddling technique:
10:00-10:20 - SUP fitness with Health Plan Academy
10:30-10:50 - SUP workshop for kids with Iva Dundová
11:00-11:20 - SUP fitness with Health Plan Academy
11:30-11:50 - SUP workshop with Iva Dundová
12:00-12:20 - SUP fitness with Health Plan Academy
12:30-12:50 - SUP workshop for kids with Iva Dundová
13:00 Race meeting Pro-AM
13:30-15:00 PRO-AM race "Evropa 2 Prague Paddle MAXX Race"
15:00 Race meeting Kids and Juniors
15:30-16:30 Kid and Juniors race
16:30 Main Ceremony: Pro-AM race and Kids and Juniors race
Open Charity ride around the island for Honza Herman. Individualy or 17:30 mass start, recording time.
20:00-22:30 Boat party at PON-TÓN  Střelecký ostrov

7th July - Sunday

7:00-8:30 On-site Registration and Check-in, picking up race jerseys
7:00-9:00 Morning SUP Session
8:30 Race meeting
9:00-11:00 Euro Tour Race
11:30-12:00 Ceremony with prize money
8:00-18:00 (except racing time) Demo tour and testing boards and paddles of various brands 
18:00-20:00 Ending and cleaning out the Střelecký island